About AMC

About Amiri Medical Complex

Amiri Medical Complex is a private hospital incorporated with the government of Afghanistan under the company’s ordinance 2015. The facility is located in the afghan red crescent, afshar, qargha road in a green and calm environment suitable for healthcare facility. It has an authorized capital of 15 million dollars (USD). AMC is Afghanistan’s most trusted, leading, certified and awards winning tertiary-care 90 bedded hospital. AMC is rendering high-quality, efficient and sustainable cardiac and other medical sub-specialty services to all irrespective of their ability to pay in a value-added and conducive environment full of care that was previously not feasible in the country. With state-of-the art infrastructures, expert medical and administrative teams, AMC is the premier choice for comprehensive medical care while committed to serving the community with full complement of basic, specialized and advanced medical services and continuously strive for patient safety, quality improvement and excellence in services.

Prior to the establishment of AMC, it was a diagnostic clinic. Often, we were receiving patients whose treatment was not feasible inside the country, to receive appropriate medical services, we were recommending those patients to go abroad. Poverty, getting visa, unfamiliarity, local language, high out-of-pocket expenditure, deceptions, police abuse and so on other social problems were the most vivid challenges for them, when they were visiting other countries for advanced treatment. It is excruciating realizing that your people struggle and experiencing various harsh troubles in getting medical services which are their basic rights. So, to get rid of these problems, make available technologically advanced medical services and harness multi-million dollars ejecting from the national fiscal cycle each year, we come with an idea to form a comprehensive complex to heal the most therapeutic needs of our people and instituted Amiri Medical Complex (AMC).

AMC is the first private hospital in the country that invested heavily in the healthcare domain and has substantially contributed to the healthcare system in many ways. For example, patients who used to go abroad for treatment are now receiving quality and better medical services at their doorsteps. The hospital has generated employment for hundreds of families with about 35% female staff who are busy round the clock to facilitate the functioning of the hospital with a dedication that is the distinction of AMC. Being part of a fragile community AMC yearly donates 15% of its income to support and cover medication of poor and vulnerable patients. AMC also promotes sports, social welfare activities and gender equality by sponsoring means. Since the foundation we knew the way to progress is tough but we accepted the challenges. Never received support from any institution while we remind committed to persistent improvements and development. There is a saying, “Those who believe they can”. Our goal is to reach beyond excellence both in healthcare services and education.

Our services range from routine consultancy to full tertiary-care services. Our consultants claim the best of academic careers and the highest standards of training mostly from abroad. Executive Health Check Program that is tailor-made to meet the requirements of busy executives in availing an opportunity for evaluation of their health and possible detection and prevention of impending health risks. Besides the excellent architecture and most advanced equipment, the hospital boasts a special strength, which is hard to be beaten by any hospital in the country.

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