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Background to the Medical Complex

The entire Afghan population is faced with multifarious health problems because of shortage and certain lacuna in availability of quality health facilities/safety and failure of translating into action a spectrum national health policy backed by the sufficient budgetary provision as well as resource allocation.

The hospitals do not meet the current increasing demand rather fraught with major flaws in terms of patient care at various levels.

Currently the secondary and tertiary levels of the health system provide limited numbers of health services, partly due to limited diagnostic technology and partly due to few qualified professionals.

Insufficient infrastructure is seen as the very basic short coming. The above situation has ultimately resulted in to the low quality and insufficient heath care to leave the ailing and the sick mountain dwellers in a state of despondency and total disparity.

The interventional procedures for cardiac services did not exist at all and hospitals are still very limited in terms of diagnostics and treatment facilities for cardiac services. Diagnostic and treatment facilities for those patients with cardiovascular diseases, especially those who need surgical procedures, are lacking.

Previously, there were no facilities in Afghanistan that perform adult open heart surgeries; hence all those patients who needed surgical procedures were automatically candidates for travel to outside of the country which compounds their woes like financial burden, security situation and delay in help to the cardiac-related problems.

Keeping in view the grave situation particularly in the field of Cardiology, Dr.Mirwais Amiri, while being in India for his fellowship in non-invasive cardiology, conceived the idea of establishing a heart diagnostic center. He started contacting some key health institutions for technical support in order to materialize this very idea in Afghanistan. He finally entered into agreement with Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre for technical and professional support. Escorts Amiri Diagnostic Heart Centre was established in 2006 and was formally inaugurated by the then Minister of Public Health, His Excellency Dr Muhammad Amin Fatimie. The center was started in a rented house located in Khushal Khan Mena. It was the pioneering heart center in Afghanistan which set a bench mark in cardiac care with its outstanding outpatient cardiac care services over the period of eight years.

After realizing the crucial need for establishing a fully-fledged hospital, Amiri Medical Complex opened its doors in April 2015 and was inaugurated by the then president of Afghanistan, his Excellency, Mr.Hamid Karzai. Amiri Medical Complex is now an ISO 9001-2008 certified leading healthcare organization in Afghanistan The complex has set a bench mark since its inception and has been serving as a road map for health sector in Afghanistan by performing complex cardiac surgeries through highly qualified surgeons and state of the art cardiac setup, which were previously not possible in the country. The complex has successfully set up departments such as ENT, Gastro, Dental, Peads, Pulmonology, Urology, Nephrology, Gynae, Neurology, Orthopedic, Ophthalmology and cardiology.

With the vision to reach beyond excellence in the health care and to become a leading health organization in Afghanistan, AMC's team comprising of competent healthcare professionals is pursuing the mission of providing modern preventive and curative health care services to all the patients regardless of cast, color, or creed and irrespective of their ability to pay in a value added and conducive environment full of care and compassion.

Creating an environment of patient care where patients could receive service to international standards keeping the highest level of hygiene along with timely service are the icons of this organization. Learning and training through qualified professionals has been in its mission and is being conducted successfully where hundreds of students from different universities are reaping the benefit.

It takes much time and is equally challenging to make a difference in the lives of others and especially of Afghans who have been in a state of devastation from the last couple of decades. AMC has taken the challenge and is moving forward with dedication and handwork.   Many milestones have been achieved in short period and standards are set in Afghanistan for best medical care supported by qualified doctors, nurses and other medical staff. Our facility, environment and technology stand out best among the hospitals of Afghanistan and can be compared to the best international hospitals.

We believe that our services have enabled thousands of Patients from getting treatment in Afghanistan instead of traveling abroad.

The hospital is one of the first health facilities in Afghanistan to offer comprehensive medical services in all multi-disciplines under one roof. The hospital is also one of the first institutions in Afghanistan to provide beating heart bypass surgery.

AMC team is proud to serve Afghanistan and  a substantial amount has been  invested  into the healthcare infrastructure of Afghanistan in the form of facilities, equipment, jobs and services. Since its inception, AMC has also arranged numerous patient education and awareness events for World Stroke Day, World Diabetes Day, World Hepatitis Day and World Heart Day among others. Since we opened our doors in 2015, close to 0.2 million people from all over Afghanistan have come to avail our services.

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