Chairman’s Message

Article Image PreviewAs we move forward in the 21st century I see countries like Afghanistan were the masses yet not have access to the basic health care facilities which I consider is the right of every human and in providing that right we must play our role. Setting up of a health care organization where state-of-the-art technology coupled with qualified and experienced health care professionals serving humanity has been my dream since long years.

Service of humanity is at the heart of many individuals but few are fortunate to realize those dreams. AMC once a dream to me is now a reality and I feel very fortunate to do so. Setting up of this complex has never been easy, but commitment, devotion and entrepreneurial boldness along with prayers and continuous courage and support of my family especially my father, which made it a reality.

Amiri Medical Complex (AMC) is established with the aim to offer the highest standards of health care to Afghan citizens. It is a place where we measure progress by a number of patients in whom we restore the hope of better tomorrow, keenly focusing on quality, affordability and accessibility. I see AMC a place where people wish to be treated and happily returned to their home with hope of life and future.

We have embarked on the mission to touch the apex of progress in health care services and are quite optimistic that whatever efforts are being made will contribute hugely towards the medical field and research at large. It is my strong conviction that AMC in concept and reality will match standards of clinical research and education offered by the well reputed Hospitals across the globe while making treatment affordable. AMC and its staff have strong passion for making a meaningful contribution to society while serving our patients

We will ensure that we attain the best standards of patients care with compassion, integrity and transparency and it must stand as a role model of the best in the entire country. We are focusing on the development of manpower to the health industry which will help to standardize the health sector and in this regard we will be setting up a nursing college in the near future.

I wish to see AMC moving with a fast pace towards a noble cause and revive many deprived hearts to beat as normal as they can. I look forward to the continuous growth of the complex with value addition each day to service and betterment of the health and lives of Afghans.