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Background to the Medical Complex:

The entire Afghan population is faced with multifarious health problems because of shortage and certain lacuna in availability of quality health facilities/safety and failure of translating into action a spectrum national health policy backed by the sufficient budgetary provision as well as resource allocation.

The hospitals do not meet the current increasing demand rather fraught with major flaws in terms of patient care at various levels.

Currently the secondary and tertiary levels of the health system provide limited numbers of health services, partly due to limited diagnostic technology and partly due to few qualified professionals.

Insufficient infrastructure is seen as the very basic short coming. The above situation has ultimately resulted in to the low quality and insufficient heath care to leave the ailing and the sick mountain dwellers in a state of despondency and total disparity.  

The interventional procedures for cardiac services do not exist at all and hospitals are very limited in terms of diagnostics and treatment facilities for cardiac services. Diagnostic and treatment facilities for those patients with cardiovascular diseases, especially those who need surgical procedures, are lacking.

There are no facilities in Afghanistan that perform adult open heart surgeries; hence all those patients who need surgical procedures are automatically candidates for travel to outside of the country which compounds their woes like financial burden, security situation and delay in help to the cardiac-related problems.

Keeping in view the grave situation particularly in the field of Cardiology, Amiri Medical Complex was established in April, 2006 and was formally inaugurated by the then Minister of Public Health, Dr Muhammad Amin Fatimie. It was the pioneering heart centre in Afghanistan which set a bench mark in cardiac care with its outstanding outpatient cardiac care services over the last seven years.

The centre emerged as a primary facility for cardiac ailment diagnosis and was thus far the most visited centre right from the day of its establishment.

The centre achieved excellence since its inception, among the heart patients within the country and abroad because it: 


  • Offered cost-effective cardiac care services.
  • Employed professionals with excellent track record.
  • Uses state-of-the-art equipment and technologies.
  • Strongly believes in the true spirit of team work.
  • Executed result-oriented projects keeping in consideration the importance of quality assurance services, safety and creativity.
  • Meets patient expectations by making every possible effort.


The team of Amiri Medical Complex together with some cardiologists from Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, India, and a number of Afghanistan based cardiologists under the dynamic leadership of Dr.Mirwais Amiri, jointly embarked on the mission to serve the Afghans in the field of cardiac care services.
After setting up of the diagnostic heart centre, a fully fledged medical diagnostic laboratory “Amiri Medical Laboratory" was established in addition. Today, the laboratory services have equally gapped the issues of quality laboratory testing and for the sake of External Quality Assurance Services (EQAS), the lab is registered with Bio-Rad Laboratories, USA. Finally, many patients who had to travel to the other countries for the diagnosis of even minor cardiac issues have been availing the facilities at our centre with expression of satisfaction over our service which has further aggrandized our hope and boosted our moral.

As Amiri Medical Complex has already bridged the gap of professional scarce by hiring cardiology professionals from India and have done their best to give the most appropriate cardiac care services. At the same time our Afghan medical professionals are also working under the Indian cardiac professionals to develop their professional expertise in the susceptible field for the future and frequent trainings are being given at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre, New Delhi, India. 

Future Plans


  1. To conduct research and clinical trials for better health policies and mandates especially pertaining to the field of cardiac sciences.
  2. To formulate national courses to pave way for national policy on health.
  3. To arrange international symposium and conferences on different medical issues with specific focus on Adult Interventional Cardiology, Acute Coronary, Carotid Interventions and pediatric Cardiology and other modern trends in cardiac sciences.
  4. To establish the international standards for hospital management and operation by affiliating to some world renown accreditation bodies i.e. ISO, JCI etc.
  5. To develop professional ties with the reputed health organizations of the world i.e. Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, AKUH, Fortis Escorts.
  6. To conduct Electrophysiological Studies and Radio Frequency Ablations.
  7. To perform insertion of Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator and Biventricular pacing.
  8. To establish a Robotic Surgery Centre.
  9. To establish Organ Transplant Centre (Liver, Kidney, Pancreases).
  10. Establishment of Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery centre.
  11. Generation of technical manpower to the health sector of Afghanistan.
  12. Setting up of medical college and university.
  13. Attracting highly qualified medical professionals around the world to work in Afghanistan.


Education and Training Programs

  1. Short term and long term orientation and training programs will be arranged for the doctors, nurses, allied staff and medical students.
  2. To setup nursing school and afterwards nursing college to cater the growing needs of nurses in medical profession.
  3. Post Graduate Medical Education (PGME) will be instituted which will be an essential attribute of the Medical Complex.